April 14

Farewell Gladys – By Rebecca Lyons

Many of you would have seen a little while ago a post on our You n’ Taboo Facebook page letting you all know we were in the process of our very own home funeral. Gladys Mary Steele, my grandmother, at the grand old age of 98 took her leave of the world and our family […]

July 26

The drums of a Living Wake that awoke a sleepy town – By Maria Lazovic

Stan was 63 when diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer that had quickly metastasised to other organs.  Immediately upon hearing this news an image came to me of Stan’s funny faces and popping noises he made for my daughter when she was little.  They always amused me too.

Residing in the country home he had built himself, Stan had acquired the appearance of a robust, strong and handsomely weathered man living off salubrious air and his own grown vegetables.  In this remote coastal Tasmanian town, known for its wild surf beach, secluded abodes and population of black cockatoos, Stan and his landscape shared a common vigour and unpretentiousness.

April 19

Dying Parents – By Maria Lazovic

As an End-of-Life Doula I often think about the fact that for most of us a natural progression of the cycle of life is when our roles as children start to shift and eventually we come to be the caretakers of our parents.  This may begin by helping to clean their garage, driving on long distance trips, checking in more often, attending doctor appointments, organising medications or moving a parent into a retirement facility.  As these experiences accumulate, the underlying message is that we are asked to slowly begin to make the significant shift of confronting our parent’s mortality.

September 18

7 Questions to ask when hiring an End of Life / Death Doula

When you find yourself turning to an End of Life Doula for support, you may be already carrying the weight of deep sadness and be bewildered about what to ask and where to start. The first rule of thumb is – you may ask anything you like!  Your circumstances are unique and your individual needs are important. Your Doula will understand this.

September 16

What is an End of Life Doula?

Many have heard of a Birth Doula, who ushers in new life by providing compassionate and specialised personalised care to women through pregnancy, birth and after birth support.  An End of Life or Death Doula, using the same model of care, works to hold a peaceful space for those dying and their families – by providing emotional support, resources, education and companionship.