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End of Life Doula Directory is an independently run directory especially for end of life doulas/consultants. Our purpose is to help clients find the support they need through a comprehensive listing of end of life doulas in Australia.
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What is an End of Life Doula? (by Maria Lazovic)

Many have heard of a Birth Doula, who ushers in new life by providing compassionate and specialised personalised care to women through pregnancy, birth and after birth support.  An End of Life or Death Doula, using the same model of care, works to hold a peaceful space for those dying and their families – by providing emotional support, resources, education and companionship.

In the past the work of supporting the End of Life was something we did for each other within our communities.  As the experience of death became more institutionalised and medicalised – the art of knowing how to care for each other during our last major life transition was lost from our communities.    Whilst many in our world avoid the subject of death until confronted with it, your Doula will be trained and experienced in accepting the dying process as a natural part of life not to be feared.  A Doula will offer emotional-existential support, within your belief system, with the intention of mediating a sense of meaning, connection and purpose.

After the planning and preparation phases are complete, a Doula will hold space for you to focus on the intense work of withdrawing from the physical world.  A Doula will provide comfort and care for your loved ones so that they may feel confident and complete in all they can do for you at this time.

End of Life Doulas work alongside other professionals, family and friends – employing a holistic and non- medical skill set.  Doula services can be provided in the home, aged care, hospice and palliative care facilities and hospitals.

An End of Life Doula’s offering is normally multi-faceted.  Your Doula will wish to know what’s important to you and how s/he can serve you best.  A Doula’s goal will be to provide thoughtful, practical and proactive support to ensure the best quality of life and death in line with your wishes.

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